Here you can see the list of compos which are held on the party. Submission closes at the party, several hours before a compo starts. Please, keep an eye on the schedule! Should you have any question, please, don't hesitate to ask them on [email protected].

We allow remote entries, but we don't guarantee that a prize will be sent to you, though it will be waiting for you!


General rules:

  • your entry must invite people to participate in CC2020 summer (22-23 August)
  • deadline for invitation competitions entries is 20 February 2020
  • themes for realtime competitions will be announced on 21 February 2020
  • deadline for realtime compos 24 hours after the announcement 
  • your invitation can be released at any party before the deadline or be new
  • any real hardware allowed, reference video of entry provided by the author
  • size of unpacked entry must be less than 1GB
  • you don't have to be present at the party to participate in competitions
  • limit of presenting time will be 10 minutes




Create executable intro or demo

Create graphics image in any technique

Create a sound module in any format

Write one scene demo in basic

Create graphics image in any technique

Create a music module in any format

Create an image in 53c format. You can use online editor

 25-minute shader coding match to qualify for Revision, use for training.